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The Urban Extreme League (UXL) is envisioned to provide workshops, classes, camps, and performance opportunities for Baltimore-area children and youth of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds to cultivate their talents and build skills. The vision is to provide inspiration, training, discipline, and a platform for participating youth to express themselves, contribute to their communities, foster teamwork, and build a more positive environment through a “cool” club-like atmosphere. UXL will foster a sense of belonging to a special movement that will make a positive difference. UXL will provide a way for youth to channel their passions and energies into achieving specific goals, so You Excel. Offerings will include but not be limited to audio-visual engineering, keyboard, acoustic and electric guitar, trumpet, and drums. Participating youth will have an opportunity to showcase their talents and receive awards and certificates of achievement. Other forms of art, including graffiti and street art; music; and sports are envisioned for future offerings.




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